8 essential life skills kids can learn through drumming

This post comes to us from member and award-winning songwriter, educator and drummer  Norm Jones. Drum Circles offer an expressive, stimulating and accessible musical environment for children while providing valuable opportunities for them to learn & develop other skills. For years, Recreational Drumming in the form of Community Drum Circles has spread throughout America like wildfire as many adults […]

Going for Gold

This article has been re-posted from member Elizabeth Schwartz’s blog. I have never been a big fan of watching sports, especially not on television. (Well, I did watch the Super Bowl commercials!)  It was a little easier for me in person, but at my son’s early baseball games I remember that I would watch the […]

8 Ways to master a mixed-aged class

This past week there was a lively discussion on the list serve about managing a mixed-age group. Anyone who has found themselves in a room of children with a wide age range has experienced the difficulty of keeping everyone engaged.  I’ve compiled eight suggestions below from members on how to do just that.  1. Throw […]

How I recorded 12 Cds in 12 Months, by Mr. Billy

This article was originally posted on member Mr. Billy’s website and blog. Idea On January 1, 2012 I set out to record and release 12 CDs in only 12 months. Not just digital albums to download, but real hard copy store ready physical CDs. Each CD had to have 12 tracks, 10 of them brand […]