Welcome new President Anna Stange!

After two fruitful years of leading CMN, Liz Buchanan has stepped down as our President. Thank you Liz, for your dedication and guidance, CMN has come a long way!

Our new president is Anna Stange, a CMN member for 13 years. I asked her three important questions, and got three great answers! I’m excited to see where CMN is headed next.

How did you come to make music for children?

My daughter invited me to bring my banjo to her daycare when she was about two.  I couldn’t play much, but the children had a grand time.  So did I.  Later, A friend suggested I teach Wiggleworms classes at The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.  When I went back to school for my teaching degree, I needed a flexible job.  Children’s music fit the bill in more than one way… I also made the use of music as a teaching tool the focus of my studies.

 Where would you say your “expertise” lies? (meaning, storytelling, folksongs, classroom teaching, babies, school-age children, etc)

My expertise lies in me being me.  (Really-i just do what i enjoy doing and somehow it works out for the best.)  I like to travel, experience other cultures, and share those experiences with others who don’t get to travel much.  I combine music, stories and cultural items to bring the world into the classrooms and libraries.

What is something you are really excited about tackling now that you’re president?

Reducing member attrition and thereby increasing membership.  I’ll be looking at ways to make networking more effective so more of our (especially) newer members will feel connected and be able to make use of our networking opportunities.  We give and get as a network, and we’ll benefit from connecting with all our members.



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  1. Anna, I’m excited that you’re stepping into the job of CMN President. There is lots of exciting work ahead for CMN. Our organization is growing, and we have many opportunities to have a greater impact on children’s lives and the world of children’s music. Thanks to Alina Celeste for this interview!

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