Snow is Falling on Tuneful Tuesday

This lovely little song comes to us from member Joanie Calem.  For those of you in the north, it is the perfect way to celebrate the January weather, and for those of us in the South, it creates a wonderful, magical visual, without the chills!

Joanie and Guiltar

I had lived in Israel for 23 years when I moved back to the states in 1998.  The first snowfall was very exciting, both for me and for my two kids, who had never seen snow falling.  So we went out for a walk in the snow and I started singing the song. The snow flakes were dropping on our noses, dropping on our toes, then the wind began to blow….it was kind of a painless writing process, out there in that first snowstorm of ours!  Only later when I wrote it down did I realize that I had written a scale song, and that there were all kinds of other things that I could do with it…rain is falling down down, leaves are falling down down, sun is shining down down, etc etc!

Snow is Falling 

                                                                                                                       By Joanie Calem

 1.  Show a one-octave glockenspiel                                                                                                2.  Play up and down the scale, then accompany the song                                                            3.  Add hand movements, still sitting:

Snow is falling down…..                                Turn your fingertips into snow flakes, and                                                                                      follow the music down

Dropping on our noses….                              Dropping on your nose and toes.

Then the wind begins …                                Make your arms blow in a big circle for the wind,

Covering the trees….                                     Put your arms up and out for branches

Blanketing the …..                                          Clap on the ground.

For Pre-schoolers:

Hand out white scarves for children to dance with, turning the song into a full-body song

For K – 3:

After doing full body exercise above, give the children glockenspiels and let them play the descending scale.  Third graders can certainly learn the end of the song as well.


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  1. I use Joanie’s song every year along with Windy Day by Sammie Haynes.
    They dovetail each other.
    Also have fun with Joanie’s Five Little Bunnies.

    My circles always include scales, intervals, octaves and glissando
    on a set of small, rainbow colored resonator bars in a case which
    makes it easy to pass around for each child to play a pattern.

    Today I created a story to intro Joanie’s song to a new group of
    children. I played the first half of the song as they watched and listened.
    Then I told them about my friend Joanie who lived in Irael, on the other side
    of the world. Her children had never seen snow until they moved here.
    As they walked through the snow Joanie kept humming this tune.
    I played again and they all hummed. I was totally charmed!
    So we did that over and over.

    I told the children that Joanie is a song writer so when she got home
    she wrote these words. I sang and played it soft and slow.

    When I get to, “blanketing the ground” I moved my hands slowly and sang
    softer. We ended in silence and stillness. The teachers were mesmerized.

    The children were very quiet as they said, “Again!”
    We all sang it again and then I passed the res bars.
    They all tried to play the tune. One little 4 yr old nailed it.

    First time this class has heard this song!!!

    What a blessing! What a miracle!! Thanks, Joanie!!!

    Liz Hannan

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