Pete Seeger 1919-2014

Musician and Trailblazer Pete Seeger passed away last night at the age of 94.  His influence on the world will be heard for years to come in his own timeless songs and the songs of the generations of musicians who have been inspired by him. He was key to the founding of CMN 25 years […]

Matching Pitches

This informative and poetic post comes to us from member Liz Hannan. A music teacher and choir director, Liz recently shared a few thoughts on the list-serv about teaching young children to match pitches; it was so popular, we asked her to flesh out those comments for the post below. Each week I am blessed […]

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

This excerpt comes to us from member Brigid Finucane, she is a contributor for the wonderful resource, Pre K + K Sharing. Chinese New Year is January 31. Hello everyone! Ms. Brigid here, from Merit School of Music  in Chicago, IL. Happy Year of the Horse! This week we’re exploring resources for the Chinese New […]

Welcome new President Anna Stange!

After two fruitful years of leading CMN, Liz Buchanan has stepped down as our President. Thank you Liz, for your dedication and guidance, CMN has come a long way! Our new president is Anna Stange, a CMN member for 13 years. I asked her three important questions, and got three great answers! I’m excited to […]

The Kindness Ratio

This song and post about kindness comes to us from member Stuart Stotts. The message is true and relevant every day of the year! I’ve been familiar with the work of John Gottman for years, but I’m not deeply versed in it. I first encountered his ideas around relationships. If I can summarize very simplistically, he found […]

A Seed on a Stone, by Tom Smith.

This thoughtful post and lovely song comes to us from member Tom Smith. For use in the classroom, the song would be especially appropriate for students in middle school and older. You can learn more about Tom and his music, here. As the old year ends and the new begins, it is customary to look […]

Happy New Year!

Woody Guthrie’s 1942/43  New Year’s Resolutions have been passed around the internet lately, and with good reason! Every one of them holds up today, especially for those of us making music for families.                                             […]