Twinkle Twinkle Little Soul

Member Eve Kodiak will soon be releasing a new album, Sleep Like a Baby. Below she discusses the power of lullabies. When I first conceived the idea for Sleep Like a Baby – my upcoming CD of piano improvisations on lullabies – I immediately knew which song I would choose to begin the album. In all my decades, both as music […]

Song Swaps at the CMN Conference

The Song Swaps at the yearly CMN conference have become a hallowed and popular tradition. Members can add to their repertoire as all participants are invited to share songs. Below two Song Swap leaders from the October 2013 conference reflect on their experiences. Reflections from member Susan Salidor, facilitator of the Early Childhood Song Swap. The Early […]

Grammy winning Steve Pullara on Absolutely Positively Getting Along

Member Jason Didner interviewed Grammy-winning producer and CMN member Steve Pullara on his latest project, “Absolutely Positively Getting Along,” a compilation to support and celebrate Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Part one is posted here, part two will be posted tomorrow morning. Q:   Hi Steve, Congratulations on producing this groundbreaking new children’s album recording project entitled “Absolutely Positively Getting […]

Dan Zanes talks going DIY and New Album

People magazine has called Dan Zanes the ‘‘crown prince of contemporary kids music.’’ A former member of the 1980s pop-rock band the Del Fuegos, he began making “all ages” music after the birth of his daughter. His first family-oriented album, Rocket Ship Beach, was released in 2000. He has since built a career using infectious sounds […]

Let’s Keep CMN Going Strong

By Wiley and Debbie Rankin Editor’s note: Wiley and Debbie authored our CMN fundraising appeal this fall. This is what they wrote.  It was great to see so many friends – and meet new ones – at our International Conference in Los Gatos, CA last month. It’s also wonderful to think of all those who […]