Songs for Peace


The one-year anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook is a sad time for all of us, and our hearts go out to that community, especially those families with empty places at their holiday tables. Their loss is felt by all of us who love children and seek to guide them towards lives that have meaning and love.

The songs in Peace Resources here at the Children’s Music Network website were begun more than a decade ago in response to 9/11. A collection of songs for healing, community building, and celebrating the best in us, it is a wonderful place to find songs for classrooms, home, and performances. The holiday season is a time many of us look to music to express our love, joy, and desire to make the world a better place and to sing songs for peace.

Below are a few selections chosen by our members to spread the language of love and peace on earth:

A Prayer for Peace by Tom Smith

I’ve Got Peace in my Fingers by Susan Salidor

Other songs are:

Circle the Earth with Peace by Joanne Hammil

Little Drops of Water by Steve Roslonek (recorded here by member Liz Buchanan)

Light a Candle for Peace by Shelley Murley

Circle Round for Freedom, Circle round for Peace by Linda Hirschhorn

Let’s Talk about Peace by Diane Kordas

May Your Holiday be full of peace and love, from all of us here at CMN.


  1. Beautiful songs all. Thanks for posting this Alina, one more small but important tribute to the sad memory of Sandy Hook last year….

  2. Alina,
    Thank you for including my song, “A Prayer for Peace”. I also enjoyed connecting (and reconnecting) with the other songs you included. Long love CMN!
    ~ Tom

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