Happy Kwanzaa!

This post comes from Culture Queen Jessica Smith. Jessica is the founder and lead teaching artist of Culture Kingdom, LLC, based in Washington D.C. Hi! Culture Queen here! Kwanzaa’s my favorite holiday and it begins today. Kwanzaa is the 7 day African American holiday that celebrates of culture, family and community. Established in 1966 by Dr.Maulana […]

Touring Tips

This past year, I have played twenty-seven shows on five different tours in seven different cities. This is also the first year I have ever toured as a musician. When I mention this new aspect of my life to people, the first question is always: “How do you do it?”  Just two years ago, I […]

Peach Juice Jam!

For those of you who work with kids or have kids, Winter Break is upon us!  Member Peter Apel has a suggestion for activities you can do with the home-bound kiddoes.   See it on youtube HERE. Have a wonderful break!

Songs for Peace

The one-year anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook is a sad time for all of us, and our hearts go out to that community, especially those families with empty places at their holiday tables. Their loss is felt by all of us who love children and seek to guide them towards lives that have […]

The Heavens Open by Jackson Gillman

This delightful tale of a beloved music teacher comes to us from member Jackson Gillman, a master story teller and “Stand Up Chameleon.” There are certain teachers who can have on their students a profound, life-long impact. Such was Norwood Hinkle who taught music at the Putney School for 33 years.  He had a highly […]

Music Teachers

From the List-serve come three reflections on music teachers who have made a difference in the lives of members Alina Celeste, Joanie Calem, and Kim Wallach. “This time of year always gets me thinking of the people in my life who have mattered. The ones who believed in me, supported me, and pushed me to […]