Steve Pullara on Absolutely Positively Getting Along (Part Two)

In Part Two of Steve and Jason’s interview, Steve takes some time to highlight songs from the album  “Absolutely Positively Getting Along,”  produced to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and discuss the healing and inspiring effect of music on children and adults.

Q:   Can you highlight some lyrical moments in some of the songs that capture the feeling of the album for you?

A:   Here’s some lyrics that hit the mark for kids. Keep in mind that there are 27 selections on this album and that these are a few highlights from the entire album.

1.) From “Wonderful Friends” written and sung by Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt excerpt: “Oh, When I think of the ways that I’ve grown. I know I couldn’t have made it alone. I owe a lot to the sharing caring daring wonderful friends that I’ve known.”  Here’s the link to hear it: .:

2.) From the song: “Always Gonna Be There With You” sung by Eric Bazilian written by Steve Pullara & Patrick Robinson excerpt: “Two sneakers run around the track, but four sneakers are running back. I’ll be there to see you though. I will run with you.” Here’s the link to hear it:

“The Path” sung by Robbi K written by Robbi Hall Kumalo & Steve Pullara excerpt:  “We go on with a song. We go on with a smile. We learn so much together when we walk that extra mile. We go on hand in hand. We go on with a friend.” Here’s the link:

3.) “Light of Love” written and sung by Brady Rymer:  “Everywhere you go and everything you do. Every single person that you run into. You give ‘em a smile big and bright, shine your little light of love.” Here’s the link to hear it:

4.) In “My Buddy” sung by Tab Laven written by Tab Laven  & Steve Pullara excerpt: “After school when I get home. Doing my homework on my own. All I got to do is dial the phone. Then I don’t feel so all alone…talking to my buddy.” Here’s the link to hear it:

Q:   Your own song “Ten Feet Tall” communicates a special message to kids about their power to help another kid, maybe a new kid in school, feel the thrill of being noticed and appreciated. What moved you to write that great song?

A: My inspiration for that song was my own life (being the  among the smallest child in class and getting roughed up) and also my seeing the many kids I sing to. I know they are now like I was. My art imitates my life. What I choose to write, produce, perform, etc. helps kids (and adults) while also entertaining them. If that is my legacy, so be it.  I’ve been told and shown that songs and poems that I have written have motivated people. I also know that artists & peers have been inspired to write poems and songs from these pieces which is very cool to me.

Q:   What advice could you offer a kindie artist who considering having his/her song included on a benefit compilation like this one?

A: My advice in that regard to all sectors of children’s music whether it be Kindie, Folk, Pop, etc. is to keep doing it your way and do know that people like me are listening. Love the kids and love your music. Avoid being boxed into a genre in any title within our community and explore every musical whim that strikes you. It’s a little riskier to defy definition, but worth the exploration. It could be your epiphany and defining moment. Through my ears in hearing this community is how I met so many musicians who I am proud to call friends. Notice that there are many CMN musicians and writers on many of our albums including “Absolutely Positively Getting Along.” I/We are not partial to sub-genre’s or styles.  As Duke Ellington said, “If it sounds good, it is good.”

Q:   Has this compilation inspired ideas for a follow-up compilation? Is anything in the works on that front?

A: I work with many projects at once. So my answer to you is “Yes,” I’m always thinking of new and exciting worthwhile albums and recordings for kids and families.” We call them tapestries instead of using the word compilations. Our reason: In most cases, each piece is new and our albums are created to flow as pieces that create a full painting or vision. Albums in my mind, in this style, are created as a concept album with many artists.  Each of our roster members are important pieces to that puzzle. If you follow the audio roster of our songs, poems, comedy and development you’ll notice that. Within each album that we create, you’ll hear that each piece leads into the next by way of idea progression and sound flow, while also being able to stand on their own. Listen to songs like “My Buddy, “Light of Love,” “The Path,” “Wonderful Friends,”  ”Always Gonna Be There With You” “Celebrate You” etc. All 27 recordings can all stand on their own.

Q:   What is the most important thing you learned from this project that you could share with your fellow Children’s Music Network members?

A: The lesson in my life from this project is :”When called by feeling that inner vocation, pray and ponder it’s worth to see if it is real. Then move on it. You may actually be changing the world by the path that is given to you, while also having fun doing it.”

In closing, thanks for reaching out to me and on behalf of our entire team of artists and producers on this album “Absolutely Positively Getting Along”… We absolutely positively thank you. –Steve Pullara