Let’s Keep CMN Going Strong

By Wiley and Debbie Rankin

Editor’s note: Wiley and Debbie authored our CMN fundraising appeal this fall. This is what they wrote. 

It was great to see so many friends – and meet new ones – at our International Conference in Los Gatos, CA last month. It’s also wonderful to think of all those who could not be there, yet were held in our hearts because we missed them.

Wiley Rankin with young fans.

We feel that CMN has been a pivotal experience for us, providing critical resources time after time, when the pressure was on. Could we be making a living at music without the benefits of the relationships, collegial shaping, professional workshops, coaching on songwriting, massive libraries of songs, and the flat-out encouraging atmosphere of CMN? Maybe, but we would have missed getting to know so many of you!

 I (Wiley) was elected to the CMN Board in 2007, and served until 2012. One of the first perspectives I learned was to treat CMN as if it were my own business. How would Debbie and I run it, if it were our job to keep it afloat, create margins in cash flow, and build for the future? Since leaving the Board, because of this perspective, I have continued to serve on the CMN Fundraising Committee.

 A lot of us don’t have the time to serve on CMN’s Board, which has provided very creative leadership over the last 26 years. In 2012, our Silver Anniversary year, we formed new alliances with academic institutions and music vendors, and completed a Strategic Plan for CMN’s future. Now, we can all give financial support to make that vision happen.

 Individually, probably none of us can contribute the whole $12,000 we hope to raise this year to fund CMN’s ongoing work. But let’s take a moment to consider what we can give, and the positive impact CMN has had on our lives.

 Whatever we give, three generous anonymous donors have promised to match our gifts, up to a total of $5,000.  Please give what you can, and know that your donation is being matched!

 You can also become a “sustaining donor” to CMN, committing to give a set amount each year or each month through automatic payments. Think about it: A $5 monthly donation from every CMN member would more than cover our needs for the coming year.

Please contribute now in one of two waysVisit CMN’s website.  Or send a check payable to CMN or your credit card information to:

CMN/PO Box 22/10 Court Street, Arlington, MA 02476

Together, we can keep CMN going strong for another 26 years!



  1. Thanks Wiley and Debbie. I’ve gained so much over the years from my connection with CMN, that I am happy to give back!

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