Diwali Holiday Song

Diya or Deepa
Diya or Deepa

This lovely song comes to us from member Kathleen Virmani. She wrote it to teach her students about the holiday of Diwali celebrated in India, which is celebrated at the end of October and early November. It was a hit at the conference!

Diwali means “diyas (lights) in a row” and celebrates the beginning of the new business year in India.  People hope that Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of prosperity and fortune, will visit their homes and give her blessings for a happy and prosperous new year.  Song is suitable for grades pre-K – 3.  Props such as traditional Indian clothes (sari, kurta, etc.), a diya (available at any Indian grocery store this time of year), a tikka (dot on forehead), pictures, etc. all help to make the song more meaningful.


TODAY IS DIWALI                                                                                                                   Music and Lyrics by Kathleen Virmani

Today is Diwali, Festival of Lights,                                                                                              The diyas line the rooftops, fences, windowsills,                                                                        We dress up fine  to welcome the new year.                                                                   Fireworks!  Fireworks!                                                                                                                      I can see (or “be”) the fireworks!                                                                                      Fireworks!  Fireworks!                                                                                                          Shooting way up high!                                                                                                                     We meet our friends                                                                                                                      And offer them some nuts and sweets,                                                                                      The cards we send   Wish all a happy year. 

For a printable page with lyrics, pronunciation notes and choreography, click here: Today Is Diwali Lyrics 

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