The Goals of Our Network

By Liz Buchanan

Yesterday, October 18, was an important day for The Children’s Music Network.  Not only was it the opening day of our 2013 conference – it was the day our Board approved a new Strategic Plan that we hope will provide a great beginning for our next 25 years as an organization.


We’ll soon be posting the whole Strategic Plan on our web page. An important part of our planning process was establishing our core goals, which are consistent with CMN’s core values.  These goals are as follows:


1. We have set out to build, sustain and support a network of people who make and enjoy music with children.  We welcome professionals, amateurs, experts and beginners, and bring them together to share expertise, ask and answer questions, and offer and receive support.


2. We work to develop and share songs, resources and strategies related to children’s music, whether in the classroom, in a workshop or on the concert stage.  This helps all of us to expand our repertoires and share music we have written and found, making us better teachers and performers, parents and human beings.  


3. We seek to empower children to become music makers themselves and active citizens of the world.  We model for and include children in music making and self-expression, mutual respect and kindness.  We encourage creativity and participation.  We recognize that children care about the world and the people in it.  


4. We know that our work with music and children is a way in which we can make the world a better place, and we have intentionally placed ourselves at this confluence. What makes CMN unique is our shared vision of a more peaceful, healthy and just world, and our willingness to do our part to bring that about, each in our own unique way … one song at a time.


While many of our members sing about making peace, sustaining a healthy environment, nurturing creativity, teaching literacy and character development and encouraging solutions to world problems, many sing songs that are simply fun and downright silly! Our songs reflect the diversity of our members.  

CMN's Board finishes our Strategic Plan! We're ready for our next 25 years.
CMN’s Board finishes our Strategic Plan! We’re ready for our next 25 years.


We’re spending some time at this weekend’s conference talking about how we can best achieve these goals as an organization. We’re sorry all our members can’t be here!  If you have ideas for building CMN’s future by carrying out these four goals, let us know. We want to hear from you.

Liz Buchanan is President of CMN.


  1. Big thanks to everyone on the board for putting in HOURS and HOURS of your time and energy to help CMN survive, thrive and move forward in the best way possible. You are saints and angels, regular folks who care and share of yourselves – and an inspiration to all. Be sure to post names with picture, if possible!

  2. I can spell my name correctly. I can spell my name correctly. I can spell my name…..

    1. I missed you SO much…no matter how you spell your name!

  3. I was so sorry to miss the conference of so many like-minded people this past weekend! I am so delighted to be part of an organization that aspires to bring music to every child and enrich the lives of all we touch with music. This post alone is inspiring so many ideas for me! Can’t wait to share and discuss them with all of you on this blog.

  4. I agree whole-heartedly with Purly, no matter how she spells her name. The Board does a FANTASTIC job steering CMN into the future and we all applaud them–standing ovation even! May CMN reach all its goals in the future.

    BRAVO to all on a terrific conference!

  5. Glad to hear from our former Board member Purly – we missed you in CA! And thanks to Patricia for being part of our early Strategic Planning process (another former Board member). AND thanks to Alina, for all your enthusiasm for getting this blog going strong. (Maybe a future Board member 🙂 And to all my friends in CMN for making this organization so awesome. Let’s all work together to take CMN forward into the future.

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