CMN Conference Saturday Workshop Overview

9:15 – 10:30

Early Childhood Masterclass
Wee Chant: MaryLee Sunseri
Come sing a collection of chants and lullabies for birthing and parenting. Bonding, language development and musicality begin at 20 weeks gestation. These songs are as easy to sing as “Happy Birthday,” and encourage parents to sing with their babies. Primarily for work with infant/early childhood age.

MaryLee Sunseri is from Monterey, CA. As a lifelong traveling troubadour and entertainer, she is a delightful interpreter of popular and original songs, and an engaging performer for all ages. She specializes in singing with guitar and a musical spirit that gets audiences moving and singing along. MaryLee has 16 CDs to her credit.

Elementary Age Masterclass
How to Get Movement into the Music Experience: Katherine Dines

From simple rhythmic chants and finger-plays to small movement exercises and standing gross motor activities, Katherine will share ideas and methods to incorporate movement into music. Primarily for work with preschool and primary grades.
Katherine Dines is a songwriter, recording and teaching artist who has performed globally for audiences since 1993. She is a former dancer, and currently teaches Yoga, is a CMN Board member and producer of 11 “Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta” albums.

Professional Development Masterclass
How Songs are Born: Uncle Ruthie Buell

Uncle Ruthie will share the creative process of how her songs come to life through her personal experience and observation. Learn how songs come alive! For work with all age levels.

Uncle Ruthie is the producer and host of HALFWAY DOWN THE STAIRS, heard every Saturday morning (8:00am) on KPFK Radio, 90.7 FM. She also teaches music at “The Blind Children’s Center” in Los Angeles. Her music is honest, engaging and humorous. She has a passion and expertise for teaching children with special needs. She is a past recipient of THE MAGIC PENNY award.

Music in the Community: Interactive Workshop
Singing the Hard Issues: Jacki Breger

Separation, loss, divorce, death, shootings, etc – these are facts of life faced by children of all races and classes everyday. Though we like to think of childhood as idyllic and innocent, the reality is that often children are exposed to situations that cause major stress and that can have an adverse effect on their development. Songs have been used by people throughout history, in all cultures, as a way of coping with, and providing comfort and support through hard times. This workshop will explore how to use songs and singing as a way to help children move through their times of need toward positive outcomes. Primarily for work with preschoolers.

Jacki Breger has been collecting songs and stories, and singing with children for over 30 years. She is knowledgeable about child development, folk music and customs, and is frequently called upon by teachers to talk with children about “difficult” issues.

Song Swap
Feisty Foremothers~ Women’s History & Future in Song: Bonnie Lockhart

Let’s share all kinds of songs that challenge gender stereotypes and celebrate the expansion of freedom—songs about heroines whose deeds we want remembered, and about movements that have collectively empowered women and girls. We’ll sing songs from history, about history and about the future we want to create. Primarily for work with elementary school ages.

Bonnie Lockhart is a Northern California singer/songwriter who brings a love of diverse folk traditions to her forty-year practice of participatory, community-building music. She is a performer, composer, educator, recording artist, and activist who believes in the transformative power of music in the lives of both individuals and communities.

1:45 – 3:00

Early Childhood Masterclass
Creative Art, Music and Language: Bev Bos

The focus of this workshop is what it means to be creative and how the environments we provide for children either encourage or discourage children’s natural inclinations to explore and create. This workshop will contain information regarding child development and brain research. Also included will be suggestions for practical, age-appropriate activities from Bev Bos’s teaching experience incorporating songs and chants, hands-on art, literacy and story writing and storytelling. Resource material as well as children literature will be recommended. For work with all age levels.

Bev Bos is the founder of the Roseville community preschool in CA. For the past 35 years she has given over 6000 lectures and workshops to parents and early childhood educators and care providers. She is an internationally renowned presenter, and one of the nation’s foremost experts on preschool learners. Bev is an energetic, creative, and inspiring teacher who has successfully used every idea she shares in her seminars with her own preschool students. In addition to being a recording artist and author, she has been featured on the television news weekly “20/20” as an outstanding proponent of child centered preschool education.

Elementary Age Interactive Workshop
Guitars In the Classroom: Teri Ketchie

With a guitar tuned in Taro Patch/Open G, the world of songs is at your fingertips. No experience necessary. Teri will show you this simple, developmental approach so you can accompany yourself and empower children and other beginners to strum and sing with you. GITC’s gateway method helps you transition to standard tuning when you are ready. Primarily for work with elementary school ages.

Teri Ketchie is a veteran classroom teacher who has integrated music and songs for learning with kindergarten and primary grade children. She has trained dozens of teachers to lead songs for success and musical activities in their K-8 classrooms as part of the non-profit Guitars in the Classroom since 2007. Her thoughtful, creative approach to teaching, her experience with Guitars in the Classroom’s inclusive work, and her years teaching young English Learners equip her to assist others working with children in special ways.

Professional Development Interactive Workshop
High Performance Coaching: Jackson Gillman

Got a number that you know is road-worthy, but is sputtering in performance? Bring it into the Indy Pit Stop where Jackson, with whatever pit crew is on hand to pitch in, will provide you with better spark and traction, helping you get that clunker up and running like a charm. For work with all age levels.

Jackson Gillman is a highly visual, energetic and interactive “Stand-Up Chameleon.” As a performance coach, he’s always glad to help others make their work as engaging as possible.

Music in the Community Masterclass
Sing With Our Kids: How to get Singing in Your Community: Nancy Stewart

Participants will learn why singing is important in early learning, simple songs to sing, and specific tools and information you can use to get your own community singing! For work with all age levels.

Nancy Stewart is a professional musician living and performing in the Seattle area. Nancy has a long history of performance, recording in Nashville and LA, and has performed in numerous venues including radio and TV commercials.

Song Swap
Songs of Malvina Reynolds and Marcia Berman: Nancy Schimmel and Jacki Breger

The first two Magic Penny Awards given by CMN went to Malvina Reynolds and Marcia
Berman. They were good friends, and Marcia recorded an album of Malvina’s songs. If you missed those early award ceremonies, we’d like to remind you of their body of work and something of who they were. And if you use any Malvina or Marcia songs, please bring songs or anecdotes to share. For work with all age levels.

Nancy Schimmel is a storyteller/songwriter and Malvina Reynold’s daughter. Nancy is currently writing a biography about Malvina’s life. Jacki Breger is a songleader and teacher, and a good friend of Marcia Berman’s. Jacki organized the last CMN conference in LA.