Get your music on Pandora!

In only the past few years, streaming services have overtaken the music industry. Many services, like iTunes and Spotify are easy enough to be a part of; you just pay a small fee and there you are. Pandora is unique among these sites.  An offshoot of the Music Genome Project(, Pandora does not charge artists to play their music, and it takes a bit longer to see your music played. This is because the Music Genome Project is an on-going attempt to catalogue and understand music in it’s many forms.  Musicologists analyze and categorize every song that is submitted, and the process can take months to be completed, but unlike other streaming services, your music does not have to be searched for by name to be played. The idea behind the project is to introduce new music to listeners that they might enjoy.  I have personally been introduced to bands I had never heard nor would have found if not for Pandora’s recommendation. It helps me expand my tastes and given these bands a whole new set of fans.That, more than anything else makes Pandora a no-brainer for musicians trying to get the word out in a big way.

To submit music to Pandora, you’ll need:

1) An album. Just the one, as you can only submit one at a time, and each new album must be submitted in turn.

2) The legal rights to your music.

3) A unique UPC code for that CD. You can get a UPC code in several ways. If you self-publish your album through CD Baby ( or TuneCore (, they will provide one for you. You can also purchase one independent of publishing at Nationwide Barcode (

4) Your album has to be available through Amazon as a physical CD,  with the name of each track listed in the Track Listing section on the Amazon page for that CD.  If you don’t have physical copies of your album, you can go through CreatSpace, an Amazon subsidiary that will print your CD for customers on demand, with no upfront costs, to learn more click here ( *note: After you’ve set everything up, it takes a few weeks to go live.

5) A standard free Pandora account, based on a valid email address, that will be associated with your submission. To set up a Pandora account, click here. (

6) MP3 files for two tracks from your CD, pick the two you feel best show you off. These are the tracks you will submit to the Music Genome Project.

Once you have all of these items ready to go, you can submit your music to Pandora for consideration here (

Good Luck!