Student Team Considers CMN Design

Ipek, Brittany & Jess, students at Art Institute of Boston
Ipek, Brittany & Jess, students at Art Institute of Boston

By Liz Buchanan

This fall, three students at the Art Institute of Boston have signed on to help CMN rethink the look that our organization presents to the world. As part of our 25th Anniversary Strategic Planning process, the students will help us reconsider all aspects of design of our website, blog, our semi-annual journal Pass It On! and other materials.  Here’s more about each person on the team:

Ipek Cav: “I grew up in a large town in southern New Hampshire, so I’m no stranger to the city of Boston or New England. Some of my interests (outside of design) include snowboarding, traveling and eating. I’m really excited to be working with The Children’s Music Network and I hope that I can contribute to a process of re-branding that really makes your visual identity authentic. You guys do some great work and offer a good service; being a part of the effort to create an identity that really shows off who you are is exciting for me.”


Jess Laurent: “I’m from a little town in Maine called Bridgton. I’m a big of fan of movies, exploring more of Boston and discovering new graphic novels. I’m also interested in working with different mediums, such as woodblock printing and clay work. My goal for this fall’s design work is to help come up with a new look and feel for the CMN. I’m excited to share ideas and come up with new ones. I’m lucky to be a part of this project with two strong fellow designers, and look forward to working with them.”


Brittany Grabowski:”I’m from Southwick, MA. I love to draw and paint and I’m currently learning swing dance for fun. I’ve been designing since high school and it’s been the one thing I can say I could do forever. I’ve lived in the city for the past two years and I love every minute of it. I hope to establish a brand for The Children’s Music Network that really expresses the true soul and passion that this organization has to create music for kids.”

Welcome Ipek, Jess and Brittany! We look forward with excitement to seeing your work.

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  1. Thank you Ipek, Jess and Brittany for taking this project on! We are really looking forward to seeing your suggestions….and thank you Liz Buchanan and Jane Arsham for finding this great opportunity for CMN.

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