A Tale of Two Robins

Getting the most mileage out of traditional songs for literacy learning & more. By Liz Buchanan I’ve created my own versions of many traditional songs to help enhance early literacy skills, such as sounding out letter sounds and rhyming words.  Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote about five such songs, which will appear […]

Student Team Considers CMN Design

By Liz Buchanan This fall, three students at the Art Institute of Boston have signed on to help CMN rethink the look that our organization presents to the world. As part of our 25th Anniversary Strategic Planning process, the students will help us reconsider all aspects of design of our website, blog, our semi-annual journal […]

How to Get the Right Compensation for Performing

By Jason Didner If you’re making the transition from making adult music (i.e., bars and coffeehouses) to performing for children, you may pretty quickly notice a difference in the way your performances are compensated. When performing for schools and libraries, the program director will typically ask about your rates, since they have a budget and […]