Open Letter to Kindie Musicians

CMN musicians get together in DC.
CMN musicians get together in DC.

Dear fellow Kindie musician:

Because we both love making music with kids, I’m inviting you to join The Children’s Music Network and come to our CMN conference in beautiful Los Gatos, CA this October.

I became a Kindiefest “groupie” in the past few years, and loved all the help I got with music marketing.  I’m sad to hear that Kindiefest’s organizers will no longer be producing that event.

The thing I liked best at Kindiefest was the chance to meet lots of people in the family music world. The Children’s Music Network gives us that same opportunity. The difference is that we’re a 25-year-old organization that keeps the community going year-round.  

CMN conferences are for everyone!
CMN conferences are for everyone!

Our conference is similar to Kindiefest with a chance to network, attend workshops and hear awesome music. The biggest difference is CMN’s conference puts more emphasis of the music itself – and we give everyone a chance to share their own music.  

Our conferences always have a “Round Robin” – essentially an open-mike for kids’ music.  We also have jam sessions and song swaps where performers share their songs and hear from others.  You can see what I mean in my home-made video about our conference last year.

Through CMN, you also meet people who are “consumers” of children’s music. Lots of our members are school music specialists, librarians and teachers who are looking for new songs for their classes.  

Mostly, I love CMN conferenceIMG_8254s because I return home filled with excitement and the feeling that I have the best job in the world – making music for and with kids!

If you can’t attend, please consider joining CMN. You’ll find a welcoming community and lots of benefits of membership. 

I hope to see you in Los Gatos, CA on October 18-20, 2013!  Our 2014 Conference will be back on the east coast, date and location TBA. Joining CMN will assure that you get all the news about future events!


Liz Buchanan

President, The Children’s Music Network

PS: We’ve had a conference at this same spot in Los Gatos before, and it’s a beautiful place in Northern California amidst of a grove of redwoods.  The location alone is well worth the visit. Like many of you, I loved hanging out in Brooklyn for Kindiefest, but I also love getting back to nature!

PPS: If you join and sign up for the conference at the same time, you can join for only $35 AND get the member discount for the conference fee!  Win-win!

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  1. YES! CMN and Kindiefest were WONDERFUL complements to each other, and I too am so sad KF is kaput. However, fear not and don’t feel too bereft, KFesters; you will love CMN too. It’s the BEST resource I know for all things for family/kids music. Join and you’ll see what we mean!

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