Amazing Transformation into Kindie Musician!

KindieArtist10SignsBy Jason Didner

Parenthood recently took my music-making in a completely new direction as my 2-year-old daughter introduced me to a whole world of music and a new way of seeing and expressing the world around us. Musicians, have you experienced any of these symptoms?

1.     Your spouse routinely finds a pick and a pacifier in your pocket when doing the laundry.

2.     You start assigning names and personality traits to insects.

3.     You feel the urge to write songs while watching over your toddler on the playground.

4.     Child’s naptime becomes your time to write a song about whatever you were doing together before naptime.

5.     Setting up for a gig before noon is starting to feel normal.

6.     Instead of having a drink with fans between sets, you’re changing your #1 fan’s diaper.

7.     You experience a loss of inhibitions, even without any alcohol.

8.     You blast kindie music in the car, even when your child’s not with you.

9.     You tell your bandmates to “take 5” from rehearsal at your child’s bedtime.

10.You rehearse your Parents’ Choice Award acceptance speech in the mirror.

Enjoy, and keep those creative juices flowing!

Jason Didner is a CMN member and the headliner of a kindie band, Jungle Gym Jam!



  1. LOL Jason! All too true! My transformation took place over 27 years ago and I’ve never looked back with regret at doing music for tall people less frequently. Welcome to the wonderful world of music for kids.

  2. HA HA, Jason, Nice Blog Post! Keep ’em coming!

    In a few years you’ll get to experience more Kindie Comics, like when you have to give your spouse a hairy eyeball during a performance in an ice cream shop because your son and his friend are shooting paper through straws (yes, spitballs) toward the stage. Spouse keeps talking to his friend in the back, you give up …

  3. What, you mean not everyone names the insects and squirrels and chipmunks that cross their paths?? 🙂
    But I have to admit Jason, that I am soooo glad for #7! Because now that I am so relaxed and uninhibited in front of my children’s audiences, I am also a much more relaxed performer in my non-children shows. And the most common response that I get from both children and adults in my audiences is “You are such a goof!” Which I am quite proud of!
    Great post, thanks!

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