Amazing Transformation into Kindie Musician!

By Jason Didner Parenthood recently took my music-making in a completely new direction as my 2-year-old daughter introduced me to a whole world of music and a new way of seeing and expressing the world around us. Musicians, have you experienced any of these symptoms? 1.     Your spouse routinely finds a pick and a pacifier […]

How to Get Your Songs on Children’s Radio

By Jason Didner So you’ve recorded an album, and EP or a single that you can’t wait to share with the families of the world. You’re getting the word out in social media, giving dazzling live performances, and your offerings are available on iTunes and Amazon, along with thousands of other musical recordings. Now, how […]

Animate Me!

By Susan Salidor My husband Jay has tried all sorts of things to promote my music.  He isn’t afraid of rejection, so he has hawked my music to everyone and everything you can imagine. He’s the one responsible for registering my music with CDBaby and the like, and for making sure it is on lists […]

Swimming, Biking, Running for CMN

By Wiley Rankin I first got interested in doing a triathlon in 2011 when I got back into running. I have always enjoyed swimming, and we had an old bike, so I figured what the heck. A friend from church told me about the Bay Area websites for triathlons and there were a million possibilities. […]

Marketing Single Songs and/or CDs for Kids (Part 3)

By Jason Didner My plan to release singles, one-at-a-time, rather than an album all-at-once has opened up a bit of controversy among the two authors whose writing influenced my strategy.  Shortly after the previous installment of this blog post was published, Frank Woodworth, the writer behind the “unbundling the album” article, tweeted this to me: […]