Want to Edit this Blog?

By Liz Buchanan

Created about this time last year, CMN’s blog is fast becoming one of the most important “public faces” of our organization.  Just look through our blog archives and see what we’ve been posting about! We exchange songs, offer teaching tips, share advice for performers and songwriters, and spread the word about ways to make a difference – through music – in the lives of children. We want our blog to be a must-read for everyone in the field of children’s music!

All of this means we need a great editor!  Do you love editing, writing and social media? And do you love CMN? You could help us out.

Our CMN blog editor will do the following:

       Find, solicit or create new articles for this blog (at least 3 each month), giving approximately equal time to different topic areas of the blog. At least 2 pieces each month should be original to the CMN blog. Other pieces may be reprinted from other blogs, with permission.

       Recruit volunteers to help edit and write for the blog

       Regularly read the CMN e-list and other children’s music sources to gather ideas for potential blog pieces.


       Excellent editor, writer, proofreader

       Excellent people skills and communication skills

       Understanding of what makes a good blog piece, in terms of appropriate length, tone, illustrations, photos, video, etc.

       Understanding of the mission and goals of CMN

       Competency in using WordPress site for blog editing

       CMN member strongly preferred

Compensation:  $100 monthly

The Blog Editor reports to a designated CMN board member.

To apply: Send your resume and a cover letter to office@cmnonline.org   Deadline for applications: June 10, 2013.

Liz Buchanan is President of CMN and currently edits the CMN blog. She is eager to pass along this duty, and promises to help out the new editor!