Witnessing the Magic of Music

By Liz Hannan Eve Kodiak, who usually makes music with children in New England, visited northern California recently and offered two workshops, one at a regional CMN gathering.  Here, Liz Hannan reflects on the magic of Eve’s chants and musical techniques with young children in her music sessions. Learn more about Eve’s work with reflexes […]

Are Singles Better for Marketing Kids’ Music?

 This is the second article in a two-part series about marketing songs as single tracks.  Part 1 is here. By Jason Didner Releasing songs as singles is worth serious consideration for the artist who’s playing nightclubs and coffeehouses to fellow adults. But how will this play in the kids’ music market? I’m willing to find […]

Singles or Albums? Downloads Change the Market

By Jason Didner When I was a teenager in the ’80s, my father, an expert in making computer tools more user-friendly, predicted that one day we’d press a button on a computer in our own homes to buy anything we wanted: clothes, books, gifts, you name it. As a young musician, my mind went somewhere […]

A Spring Song to Share

By Liz Buchanan Here is a fun song and movement game that I often do in early childhood classrooms in the spring. Written by my CMN colleague Nancy Hershatter, it’s extremely simple, yet children love this activity. In the spring, classrooms are often busy with seed-planting activities, and this song is a fun way for […]

Want to Edit this Blog?

By Liz Buchanan Created about this time last year, CMN’s blog is fast becoming one of the most important “public faces” of our organization.  Just look through our blog archives and see what we’ve been posting about! We exchange songs, offer teaching tips, share advice for performers and songwriters, and spread the word about ways […]