Sing Your Way Through Earth Day

By Chelsea Keyes & Liz Buchanan

Earth Day 2013 is quickly approaching. Before April 22, we hope you take full advantage of the wonderful songs provided by CMN members on our Environmental Resources web page, and beyond.

CMN’s Environmental Resources is a growing library of songs that promote respect and responsibility for our environment. There are also lots of songs celebrating all aspects of nature, about animals, plants, weather and seasons.

Each song in the database was either written by a CMN member or recommended by one of our members. With almost every song provided, you can instantly listen, read the lyrics, contact the songwriter and visit their web page. The CMN Environmental Resources page is organized by categories for easy access to what you’re looking for.

There is also a song submission form on the page, where you can submit your own songs and song ideas. Inspire change by sharing some songs!

Many CMN songwriters seem to love “Green” songs and have submitted lots of them. Check out the many songs by folks such as Matt Loosigian, Sarah Pirtle, Faith Funk, Doug Knecht, Two of a Kind and Nancy Schimmel & Candy Forest.

Two of CMN’s business sponsors also focus on environmental themes.  The Web of Life internet radio station plays songs for children and families with a “green” theme.  Our sponsors Lydia Adams Davis and Kathy Byers have highlighted their album called “One Earth So Green and Round.”

Finally, take the time to check out The Green Songbook by our non-profit partner, Guitars in the Classroom. With easy chords and simple instructions, this awesome book helps get kids and teachers playing their own songs for the earth, and includes many songs by CMN members.

It’s almost Earth Day, and you’ll be able to sing all day long!

Chelsea Keyes is a Simmons College student and an intern for CMN this spring. Liz Buchanan is CMN’s blog editor.


  1. thanks, Chelsea, great article! i have the Green Songbook (thank you Jessica Ann Baron) and it’s great to have those songs in book & mp3 form. The CMN website is an awesome resource as well….. just wish I had time to learn all those songs!

    1. I meant to thank Liz also!

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