Download Cards: Great Marketing Tool!

Here’s a marketing tip from CMN member (and a past children’s-music Grammy nominee) Judy Pancoast, who goes on tour every year with her Christmas albums.

Judy Pancoast & a cool friend
Judy Pancoast & a cool friend

Before I left on my Christmas tour, I ordered a hundred download cards for my newest CD from CD Baby. They cost me less than a buck a piece. I’d intended to put them out with my CDs at my concerts but somehow they never made it out of the sales tub, so I returned from tour with a pile of these. Then I came up with the idea to use them as prizes and incentives.

Every now and then I’ll do some sort of a little contest on my Facebook page, just to keep people interested and interacting. Usually it’s some sort of trivia thing, but recently I had a post that I wanted to spread far and wide, so I posted a note asking folks to share it.  I would pick a person at random from everyone who shared the post and give that person a free download of the whole CHRISTMAS WITH MRS. CLAUS CD. To my surprise the post got around 25 shares, which resulted in thousands of people seeing it, and it cost me less than a buck to give out that download code!

Now I am participating in the NH Animal Rescue League’s “Kennel Up” Fundraiser. They ask local “celebrities” to get “locked in a kennel” and ask their friends and fans to contribute money to release them. Today I came up with idea of giving EVERYONE who donates on my behalf a download code.  It’s a great prize because it costs next to nothing, doesn’t reduce my inventory and I don’t have to mail it!  Everyone wins!

So I just thought I’d share that “hot tip” with you. And also let you know that, should you want to contribute to my fundraising efforts on behalf of the critters, the link to my page is here, and you, too, can get a free download of my entire CD!

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