Song & Sound to Quiet Down

Continuing on the topic of children’s behavior, CMN member Brigid Finucane last year gathered some examples from our members of using music and sound to help quiet a noisy room.  Here’s what she found: -When I see examples of good behavior, I sing, “Good manners are a very nice touch – cha, cha, cha”  from […]

Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

By Sara Balghonaim Recently, discussion on the CMN members’ e-list turned to the topic of dealing with difficult behaviors among the children in music sessions. Members exchanged ideas about how to deal with children’s behavior challenges – most people have been there! We found this useful article at the PBS-Parents Inclusive Communities web page.  Here […]

Download Cards: Great Marketing Tool!

Here’s a marketing tip from CMN member (and a past children’s-music Grammy nominee) Judy Pancoast, who goes on tour every year with her Christmas albums. Before I left on my Christmas tour, I ordered a hundred download cards for my newest CD from CD Baby. They cost me less than a buck a piece. I’d intended to […]