Let It Snow! And Let’s Sing…

By Liz Buchanan

Lots of us saw snow falling this holiday week. If you’re not outside playing in it, come in and sing about it!  Or sing out in the snow!

David C. Perry writes: “I know many of us are always looking for new ways to invigorate classic children’s songs. To that end, I think you’ll really get a kick out of my latest spin on the holiday ‘chestnut,’ Frosty the Snowman. These kids are adorable!”

Fran McKinney’s songs about snowmen are great fun for dancing and singing with young children.  You can listen to them at Fran’s web page: http://franmckinney.com/friends.htm  Fran’s also made a book for her snowman song that you can order on her web page.

Our friend Carole Stephens has recorded many songs about snow, snowmen and snowflakes, but probably her most popular number among Children’s Music Network members is the “Snowball Freeze Fight,” which involves doing a “freeze dance” while lobbing “snowballs” – those little white bath-puffs – to a song such as “Let It Snow.”  Get about 40 of those flying around the room and you can have a wild time!

We’re looking for more snow songs – send ’em along!


  1. Dear CNM, what should I do with this song? I have no clue what to do, or who to turn to– but kidz love to sing it –especially the bridge, and it truly promotes world PEACE which we need our kids to listen to now more than ever….

    Please help make this world a better place– Thanks in advance!!
    Sincerely, L. owens.


  2. Hi Lawrence,
    Thanks for sending us your song! It’s very upbeat and fun. If you are looking for advice on how to market your music for children, I’d encourage you to join CMN. We’re all about making music for kids that helps make the world a better place. Here’s the link to our web page about joining CMN – hope you’ll consider it! http://www.cmnonline.org/why-join.htm For all the friends you’ll make and the advice you’ll get, it’s well worth the $65 annual dues (and we have a sliding scale for those facing financial hardship). We hope to hear from you again!
    Liz Buchanan

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