Let It Snow! And Let’s Sing…

By Liz Buchanan Lots of us saw snow falling this holiday week. If you’re not outside playing in it, come in and sing about it!  Or sing out in the snow! David C. Perry writes: “I know many of us are always looking for new ways to invigorate classic children’s songs. To that end, I […]

My 2 Cents for CMN

By Carole Stephens It’s funny how things happen.  At 10:30 at night on December 15, my phone rang.  Anyone who’s a parent of a child of any age knows that the mere ringing at that hour means trouble. Quite the contrary – whew! – it was Sarah Pirtle, from CMN, urging me to action in […]

CMN Members Respond to CT Tragedy

The following are thoughts posted by Children’s Music Network members in the wake of the horrifying massacre at a Connecticut elementary school. From Joanie Calem:  I think back to the years that I lived in the Middle East, when buses blew up literally once a week.  Our instruction was always to follow the children’s lead […]

December Songs Part 1 – Hanukah!

We asked our trusty CMN e-list for songs to sing for all the December holidays, as well as songs for solstice and the coming of winter.  Hanukah is coming up quickly (starts this year on Saturday, 12/8) so we’re jumping right in. Keep watching this space for even more songs for those other December celebrations… […]

A New Take on an Old Counting Song

By Liz Buchanan “Five in the Bed” is a traditional counting song that many of us probably have heard since our own childhood.  I’ve done it as a singing game with children for several years, asking the children to act it out as I sing.  At this fall’s Children’s Music Network conference, I saw Susan […]