Why Music? A Primer for New Parents

By Dylan Glanzer Reprinted from Dylan’s blog at partiesbydylan.com. No matter where you turn, music for children is everywhere. With the growth of programs like Mommy & Me and Music Together, major products from companies like Baby Einstein, and even programming from your local PBS station – everyone seems to agree that music is an […]

A Bounty of Songs for Thanksgiving

  By Liz Buchanan We give special thanks for all our friends in CMN who share so many excellent songs and ideas. Ask for songs about any topic, and our members deliver!  Here are some of the many offerings for the Thanksgiving season which people have sent to our members’ email list. Margaret Hooton sends […]

Enchanting Story with a Star at the End!

Thanks to CMN’s Margaret Hooton and Liz Hannan for sharing this story/song on our e-list. The Little House with No Doors and Windows and a Star Inside Author: Caroline Sherwin Bailey (Have an apple for the ending. Enjoy the apple slices.  Tune:  Did You Ever See A Lassie?) Once there was a little boy who […]