Halloween Musical Frights – Part 3

By Liz Buchanan Halloween songs, videos and CDs from CMN members keep rolling in. My, we love the spooky sounds of late October!  Perhaps next we should focus on songs about tooth-brushing and healthy food. But for now, we begin with my video of a “Three Little Pumpkins” finger play that has been very popular […]

Musical Halloween Fun – Part 2

By Liz Buchanan For those continuing to need musical delights for Halloween, here’s our second installment!  And like the unlimited supply of Halloween candy, there are more ghoulish offerings to come. James Coffey offers Halloween Train, a rollicking combo of traditional train song with Halloween fright: http://jamescoffey.bandcamp.com/track/halloween-train Barry Louis Polisar writes, “I’ve written many Halloween […]

Rockin’ Halloween CDs for Kids

By Liz Buchanan Thrills and chills abound with lively tunes from Children’s Music Network members for Halloween. Check out these albums and add pumpkin spice to your Halloween celebration with some wicked scary songs! Steve Blunt’s  There’s a Vampire at My Door http://www.songsforteaching.com/store/theres-a-vampire-at-my-door-pr-58704.html  features the Ten Little Skeletons and The Creature from the Teenage Hormone […]

Why We Need Children’s Music (Part 2)

By Monty Harper This piece is re-posted from Monty Harper’s new blog, Strawberry Tugboat. “Children’s Music Ain’t Got the Same Soul!” “Children’s Music Will Destroy Your Good Taste Forever!” “Why Does Children’s Music Make Me Want to Destroy the Earth?” These are real headlines from online articles written by real parents who – believe it […]

Children’s Music Conference is About Singing & More

By Liz Buchanan Below, Scott Bierko shares a song with Taelor Grisack. Coming to a conference of The Children’s Music Network is like attending the reunion of a big, happy family. Only this family can add unlimited numbers of cool new members every year. This year’s conference, happening now on the shores of Lake Michigan […]

Do Children Need Music Just for Them?

By Kim Wallach This posting was in response to a question addressed to the CMN email list: “Do we really need music that’s aimed at kids?”  There were many thoughtful responses, reflecting various perspectives.  Here is CMN Board Member Kim Wallach’s response. I started playing music for children when I was in high school in […]

25 Years and Counting for CMN

By Liz Buchanan The Children’s Music Network is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, and it’s been a year of reflection and strategic planning.  We’ve stepped back to evaluate our organization – who we serve, what our goals are, what we’d like to be doing in the next 25 years, and how we might gather more people […]