A Magical Music Wall

By Sue Nierman This summer, a new attraction was added to our playground for the children to explore, the Music Wall. Actually it is constructed on two 4’ x 4’ wooden fence panels. Attached to the wall are various pots, pans, lids, ice cube trays, racks and an array of other items. Along side this […]

Finger Plays – Great for the Brain!

By Maryann Harman This piece is from Maryann’s blog, Mar’s Music Notes. The cerebellum is larger in musicians by up to about 5%.  This suggests that finger exercise (as used in finger plays for younger children/instrument lessons in older children) may prompt additional nerve growth.  (Schlaug et al 1998) Last year, I wrote a blog […]

Ohio CMN Members at COMFEST!

By Leslie Zak June’s last weekend brought Children’s Music Network members to the Columbus, OH, Community Festival  (COMFEST) for three performances on the Solar Stage. There were solo shows by Joanie Calem and me, and a group CMN concert that featured the two of us and Deborah Van Kleef from Cleveland. Comfest 2012 was celebrating […]

From Brainstorming to Singing a Tune

By Liz Buchanan In my last blog piece, I talked about helping children create songs through brainstorming – essentially making lists of ideas.  Brainstorming is the time for broad-brushing and “all over the map” thinking.  But how do all those brainstorm ideas become a song? The short answer is not all of them do.  Your […]