Teaching Social Values through Music

By Patricia Shih The following piece is reprinted from www.parentinginformer.com Probably like most of you, as a parent I have always been concerned with teaching my child positive values about large issues in the big world as she grew. I of course tried to use words carefully and set a good example through actions and […]

Songwriting with Kids: The Beauty of Brainstorming

By Liz Buchanan There’s a blank white board in front of you.  Name your idea – any idea is great.  Let’s see how many we can assemble! What a tantalizing invitation, a welcome alternative in test-frenzied classrooms where there often can be only one right answer.  Students are invited into an open-ended discussion that spurs […]

Writing Songs in Class: Choosing a Topic

By Liz Buchanan My ten week residency at the Condon School in Boston this past spring produced five songs, one written with each first grade classroom.  The assignment was to write a song about a person or character; it could be someone real, a character in a book or the media, or even an animal.  […]