The Most Important Goal

By Liz Benjamin

Last week I had to take a taxi cab home from teaching Music Together, the music and movement program I teach for babies, preschool children, and their grown-ups.  As the Sikh driver was loading my play-along bin full of instruments into the trunk, he asked, “Do you work at the church?” When I told him I was a music teacher, he said, “Oh! Singing and dancing are so important for everyone to do!  They help develop your body, your brain, and your spirit.”

As we drove along, I agreed with his feelings about music, but I said that no matter how good they are for you, I stress with my families that we make music for the joy of it – that’s the most important goal.  I asked what sort of music he liked.

Saying that he liked Hindi music, the music of his culture, he pressed some buttons and played a terrific Hindi love song.  I drummed along on my legs, trying to sort out the intricate rhythms.  I was sorry when we arrived at my destination.

Liz Benjamin lives in Ottawa, Ontario and is on the Board of CMN.


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  1. Nice to see the CMN blog up and running. Great post & a good reminder that getting out into the world and brushing up against strangers can sometimes expand our experience. Thanks!

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