Promote Your New CD!

Got a new CD?  Here are some thoughts from the CMN e-list on how to promote it. From Dylan Glanzer: Email local newspapers and tell them about your new album.  What makes your music unique – share your personal story, struggle, or triumph!  Then follow up with an email about a week later.  Look for […]

Why Should Children Learn Music?

By James Crocker The following is from James Crocker’s blog on music and children, There is a possibility you want your child to learn music because you have dreams of raising a classical virtuoso, an international rock star or a jazz legend. There are few shortcuts to such greatness; the route to Carnegie Hall […]

Meeting Ella Jenkins!

By Christy Burich Guess who I had the honor of singing with last Saturday morning?!  None other than the First Lady of Children’s Music – Miss Ella Jenkins herself!  I happened to see an email about Ella Jenkins appearing at the Grand Opening of a preschool here in Bolingbrook, IL, and jumped at the chance […]

Getting Inspired to Write Songs with Kids

By Liz Buchanan One of my early inspirations for songwriting with kids was a project that CMN member Steve Roslonek (SteveSongs) did in a school residency a number of years ago.  The week-long residency resulted in an original musical called “The King, The Mice and the Cheese.”  Steve got some friends who were top-end musicians […]

Can Music Help Shape Who We Are?

By Maryann Harman My answer is “Absolutely!” Martin Gardiner of Brown University tracked the criminal records of Rhode Island residents from birth through age 30, and he concluded that the more a resident was involved in music, the lower the person’s arrest record. (“Music Linked to Reduced Criminality,” MuSICA Research Notes, Winter 2000.)  Music has been […]

Buy Local: Buy a Local Musician’s CD!

By Joyce Rouse The following is reprinted from Green Sustainable Blog. It often costs ten to twenty thousand dollars to produce, record, and manufacture a CD. Yup, your favorite local band or singer-songwriter finds a way to scrape together the money for studio time or very expensive equipment, hire a graphic designer, and order a […]

Gig Tales: What if nobody shows?

From Pam Donkin in California … I had a gig at a library in San Francisco last week in Bayview District where, according to the librarian, most of the parents are not home all day and most of the kids are in programs such as Head Start. The librarian always invites the preschools within walking […]

The Most Important Goal

By Liz Benjamin Last week I had to take a taxi cab home from teaching Music Together, the music and movement program I teach for babies, preschool children, and their grown-ups.  As the Sikh driver was loading my play-along bin full of instruments into the trunk, he asked, “Do you work at the church?” When […]