The Power of Simply Singing

By Eve Kodiak The following piece ran last month in Eve Kodiak’s Movement Matters Blog for the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association I was driving around in circles, trying to find the way in to the big school that housed the Children’s Music Network Annual New England Gathering, and a woman rolled down her […]

Saying a Proper Good-bye

By Susan Salidor The school year is winding down and that means I have to say goodbye to my preschoolers, who number just over 350 each week.  Saying goodbye in the early childhood classroom is its own unique song and dance, if you will.  During the last few weeks of class I like to review […]

Traditional Folk Songs – Still Great for Kids Today

By Anna Stange The songs we use in my early childhood music classes (Miss Anna’s Music Class) are primarily old American folk songs.  Most are traditional songs handed down and/or adapted for children.  Some were always songs for young people.  Some of the songs I use are those remembered from my childhood, and some I […]

Fun Times Songwriting in School

By Liz Buchanan This week, I’m launching an eight week song-writing process with first graders at a public school in Boston.  Through a residency sponsored by VSA (Very Special Arts) of Massachusetts I’ll be meeting with each of five different Grade 1 classrooms for thirty-five minutes a week.  The experience of analyzing songs with various […]

We are Survivors

By Anna Stange Just in from Yahoo News: Stage performers are among the top vanishing professions. Boom and bust.  It’s a natural, systemic cycle in all aspects of our universe.  However, like the housing market, there are many causal factors that feed into the boom-bust cycle of the live entertainment ‘market’.  Easy money allowed housing […]